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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Customized Fat Loss - What you actually eat

The Customized Fat Loss - What you actually eat
The Customized Fat Loss - What you actually eat
What you actually eat? The Customized Fat Loss I ate a varied diet, so I have to take the necessary amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat; I wanted to be thin but healthy yet;

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - I eat "fast sugars" (candy, sugar, honey, cakes), have a lot of energy and raise blood sugar levels, which again raise hunger; I have not eaten or "hard fat" (lard, butter, cream), fat has twice as much energy as proteins and sugars; I have fat meals a day, mainly olive oil and fish oil, directly on the finished food or vegetables, or even to prepare meat, also flax seeds, nuts...

My diet was assembled itself according to what I like and that I even liked the weight loss for me and it was not "punishment"; Bread and other "slow carbs" (pasta, oatmeal, potatoes) I ate only during the morning, afternoon, turn protein (chicken, fish, cheese, cottage cheese, chicken liver); I did not eat between meals planned nothing more than 3 hours were always just right for me;

I preferred whole wheat bread against a white, later I began to bake bread alone, and bake it until today. How can you prepare a meal? Every day forward I think about what I eat, so I planned to fit into your daily budget, the food I cooked and prepared mostly alone; Handbag I always had a "first aid", especially when I was on the road, or when I knew that

I receive a regular meal - so I avoid hunger. As a snack like fruit proved to snack cheese, vegetables, tofu or yogurt.

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