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Monday, 7 October 2013

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- Indispensable protein

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- Indispensable protein
Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- Indispensable protein

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- check the advantages The fact is: The protein consists muscle cells, are essential for muscle recovery and for their building. The trick is that you want to consume only pure protein, dietary fats and proteins coexist in close symbiosis. Meat, fish, chicken and other poultry, the primary source of protein while hiding fat.

Those who eat excess of these foods, great energy sources also have arteries and high cholesterol. You need a low-fat source of protein. It will be low-fat milk, egg whites, cutting a steak with fat, fish meal and of course indispensable for bodybuilders - protein powder (protein) . These meals represent a strong, pure protein source. From the beginning, consume

1 - * 1.5 g protein per kg body weight. Calculate this amount and divide by the number of meals that you eat per day. Gradually you add protein, as well as grow your strength and muscle volume. Improper food preparation Even if you have good intentions and want to prepare a good low fat food - such as chicken, make a mistake, you fry it. Meat begins to drag himself out of frying fat and you have instead of low-fat food calorie fat bomb. As a bodybuilder, you should be able to prepare a meal for himself in a healthy way .

A lot of bodybuilders cannot cook (and even tender). Big mistake! Why be dependent on what you like or who cooks for restaurants or fast food. Get a cookbook, some of the best bodybuilding recipes and prepare meals.

Get the everything you need and put it to work. Collection of information Young bodybuilders are little interested in training techniques, the anatomy of the human body as well as the principle of interested nutrition and supplementation.

Nutrition is a very broad topic. Bodybuilder should know about sources of protein, the types of carbohydrates (simple, complex and compound) of fat, of course, not to forget the micronutrients - vitamins and minerals.

Chapter itself is supplementation. Today's market for nutritional supplements is very large companies offer a variety of products to increase muscle mass, leaner and so on. Each correct bodybuilder should be in this completely and safely navigate, know about each substance as possible and of course follow the latest trends.

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