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Saturday, 24 May 2014

1. Important role in the field of surgery

Rotary movement and flipping feet used for leveling on uneven pad, after which we walk, is the domain of the lower ankle joint (or subtler). Metatarsal bone (talus, acicular) is involved in the structure of the dome and spiral movement of the front and back of the leg. A joint located at the very fingers then partially absorb shock and participates in a heap during the step phase cycle. Perhaps it would even be worth it to mention two legs often described joints - joint. Both joints play an important role in the field of surgery. Along the lines that cut across the instep and see previous figure), to carry out a partial leg amputation with subsequent prosthetic facilities. These joints are important in a healthy person but also for the flexibility of the legs, spring loaded movements. Have you noticed, too, that the outside edge of your foot is better adapted than the inner pad? In fourth joint is the fact and 5 metatarsal (see figure) mobile than the other metatarsal bones The muscular apparatus On the feet also affect the long muscles of the front and back of the lower leg groups (see articles from the category Anatomy: front and side, rear side ), which are intertwined with their shrouds and ends on articles fingers or some car popsicles metatarsal. Used primarily for unwinding feet when walking, but who is also on the position of the foot arch and maintaining a stable position when standing.