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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Regulates Cholesterol

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Regulates Cholesterol
Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Regulates Cholesterol
Regulates Cholesterol A study conducted by Kansas State University in the United States, found that consuming half a tablespoon per day Spice has paper important in the fight against cholesterol with Customized fat loss scam by Kyle Leon After six months of study it was observed that 70% of patients favorable to include cinnamon in the diet had a 10% reduction in the levels of LDL, 30% of triglycerides (fats in the blood) and from 1% to 26% of total cholesterol. Yet patients who have not received a daily dose of cinnamon showed no improvement.

The researchers believe that reducing observed is the result of the action of antioxidants, active in the control of inflammatory processes in the body. Nitro the Roberto Navarro explains that the antioxidant action of bio chemicals comes polices present in cinnamon. "Frames inflammatory drugs (such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and metabolic syndromes in general) generate oxidative stress?

The expert explains.? Antioxidants fight free radicals, responsible for this process." Controversy hypertension some experts claim that hypertensive patients avoid taking cinnamon because it might disrupt the control problem. Meanwhile, some studies try to prove the opposite: a recent survey conducted by Thames Valley University, London, found that individuals with type 2 diabetes observed reduced blood pressure levels when consuming two grams of cinnamon per day. But it is still early to say that it is a rule, and if you care about high blood pressure, the ideal is to ask the opinion of your doctor before consuming the spice, avoiding any kind of change in values like Customized fat loss reviews by Kyle Leon.

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