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Monday, 7 October 2013

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- Training strategy Evander Holyfield

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- Training strategy Evander Holyfield
Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- Training strategy Evander Holyfield

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- Long been appreciated , but unfortunately ill-conceived practice of long slow runs in the fitness training boxers is what Evander learned from the training greats of his youth , and how continued the next few years .

When I embarked on board his team before the game against Buster Douglas in 1990, Evander was in sad mental condition with respect to the specific requirements of the sport. I immediately tested Evander's response to intense three-minute total body workout for a specific box (see 3 - minute drill described below) , who drove his heart rate above 180 beats per minute . He needed a full 7-8 minutes to get back to 120 t / m after this single bout , roughly equivalent to the energy expended in one hard boxing round.
What was worse , the five 3 - minute drills with one minute rest between his heart rate during pauses between rounds exceeded 150 beats per minute . In short, had the ability to maintain a high level of performance for more than half the duration of a professional fight.
My responsibilities were limited to the physical conditioning component of Evander's program, which has been integrated into his skills and sparring training. Boxers require not only agility , speed, strength and explosiveness , but also a high level of anaerobic strength endurance , so that all those kinds of power is still present and still , more than ten rounds during a match , or even more .

I designed Evander training and nutritional system with respect to all of these important ingredients. Roadwork’s ended quickly and completely. After a 12 week cycle described below, Evander quickly adapted to intensive training and be able to handle more than ten 3 - minute drill behind.

It also increased the level of mobility and maximum power .Conditioning program described below is a program that Evander preparation for the Buster Douglas fights under my personal supervision. This program was also used for the preparation of his most famous match against Mike Tyson, but without my participation in trainings. This training was supervised by my friend, strength coach, who assures me the Evander followed the prescribed program.

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